Creating a buzz around our bee plan

Here at the Stacey Centre we have been working hard moving 16 tonnes of soil into our raised beds and into the new polytunnel.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 16th March 2016, 6:03 am
POLYTUNNEL From left: Yorath Hughes, Rebecca Warner, Eric Carter, Barbara Wyncoll and Eddie Sturgess
POLYTUNNEL From left: Yorath Hughes, Rebecca Warner, Eric Carter, Barbara Wyncoll and Eddie Sturgess

We moved it over a couple of weeks and now the beds are filled we can start planting them with fruit, vegetables and herbs.

One of the raised beds is going to be planted with lots of bee-friendly plants, creating a Bee World, which will fit in well with our plan to have two beehives at the centre.

The others will be used by the Menshed project, the Community Orchard Volunteers and by the lunch club.

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The polytunnel will be planted up with vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

A new polytunnel gardening group will be starting up soon for anyone interested in learning more about how to grow vegetables in a 
polytunnel. Our next project in the orchard is to build three large compost bins.

We are going to use chestnut wood which we are buying from a woodsman near Havant.

It is a very sustainable wood as it is coppiced which means the whole tree is not cut down just the top growth and then the tree is left to regrow.

As we are getting the wood from Havant there is little pollution created from the transportation to our site.

Moving on to Easter, it is not far away!

We are having an Easter fun day here at the centre on Wednesday, March 30 from 10.30am till 1.30pm.

It will be 50p entrance fee for adults but free for children.

Activities will include making an Easter garden, sowing some spring vegetable seeds to take home and grow, learning how to plant a potato, willow crafts and 
an Easter Bunny quiz and prize.

There will be an Easter Bonnet competition but please bring your own Easter Bonnet to be judged as we are unable to make them here this time.

Refreshments will be available too.

If the weather is not too good we will still try to have some of the activities in the orchard so please come prepared for being outdoors.

There is inside space if the weather is very bad so the event will take place whatever the weather.

For any more information call the Stacey Centre on (023) 9261 7890.