Court backs council in illegal car crackdown

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IN the past two months Portsmouth City Council has removed 17 illegal and nuisance vehicles from the city.

The court has supported the councils plans to clear the city of abandoned cars following numerous complaints from member of the public.

On March 21 the court imposed a destruction order on five vehicles parked in Shore Avenue.

Enforcement officers successfully removed the vehicles and the owner was instructed to pay the council £2,500.

All five cars were in poor condition.

Residents stated the motors were attracting vandalism and posing a serious danger to the public.

In February, officers used automatic number plate recognition technology to identify and impound ten untaxed vehicles taking up spaces in residential areas.

Two further vehicles were removed due to unpaid parking fines.

Between both vehicles a total of 112 tickets were unpaid, amounting to nearly £10,000 of debt.