Dealers jailed over drug find

DRUG dealers are the scourge of our streets.

Monday, 4th June 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th June 2018, 2:26 pm

But dealers seeking to profit from people’s misery by peddling heroin and crack cocaine on the streets of Fratton and Landport paid the price for their actions.

Louise Gleed, 28, and Mathys Ohoueu, 20, were thrown behind bars for two years respectively at Portsmouth Crown Court after being ambushed by an undercover police sting.

The Wimpole Street address the pair were operating from was found to have drugs with a street value of over £1,000 which police seized after raiding the property.

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The court heard how officers spotted Gleed acting suspiciously on the street before meeting up with a woman who she carried out an exchange with. Gleed was then seen going upstairs to Wimpole Court – where she also lived – before returning back to the street corner again.

‘Ms Gleed was seen meeting up with a lady on the street corner. The defendant was then seen getting something out of her bra and doing an exchange before returning to the flat,’ prosecutor Martin Booth said.

‘Ms Gleed is then seen exiting the flat and going through the stairway where she meets a number of males. She is then spotted going to the stairway again where police were waiting.

‘Officers grabbed hold of her arm to stop her disposing of the substances which resulted in Ms Gleed becoming aggressive with her shouting and screaming to alert people inside the flat.

‘When police forced entry to the flat they found Ohoueu bent over a sofa with his jeans round his ankles. A large quantity of cash and wraps were found on the floor while there was also a blade,’ Mr Booth added.

During police interview Gleed admitted the offence while Ohoueu, of Waterford Close, Thamesmead, denied any involvement after blaming it on a friend. It was only after forensic tests proved his involvement that he admitted his role in supplying the drugs.

Sentencing the pair for two counts of supplying class A drugs, recorder Nigel Atkinson QC said: ‘You both played a significant role in distributing drugs and street dealing. Ms Gleed you have been troubled by drug abuse over the years and whether this leads to an early grave is in your hands.

‘Mr Ohoueu you have had a pretty dreadful year and have been up to your neck in drugs. You were also prepared to not plead guilty or accept responsibility for your actions.’