Dogs spared destruction after judge gives owner reprieve

TWO dogs have narrowly been saved from destruction and their owner spared from prison after a grizzly incident saw a dog walker bitten.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 1st September 2018, 10:28 am
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:18 pm
The dogs owner appeared at Portsmouth Crown Court
The dogs owner appeared at Portsmouth Crown Court

Distraught Leeane Park wept in the dock as judge Adam Feest QC warned her she must now keep both her pets muzzled and on leads or face going to jail.

As previously reported, 47-year-old Park admitted her Staffie-Dalmatian cross Poppy and Jack Russel, called Jack Henry, were dangerously out of control.

A dog walker, Christopher Widdop, was bitten in the incident at 11pm in Park's own street, Skipper Way in Lee-on-the-Solent, when he went to protect his own dog.

The dogs owner appeared at Portsmouth Crown Court

His Schnauzer was targeted by Park's pets, Portsmouth magistrates were previously told.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard previous incidents had taken place and Park was under a dog behaviour contracts to keep pets on a lead.

Sentencing, Recorder Feest said: '˜There's a difference between dogs that are passive and well behaved and dogs such as yours who bite people, and your dogs have a history of biting people '“ not in a serious way so far '“ but nevertheless this is the fourth time where one or other of your dogs has caused problems.'

Park admitted two charges of having her dogs out of control.

But the judge did not ban her from keeping dogs, instead imposing tough restrictions.

Judge Feest imposed a two-month prison term suspended for a year with 15 rehabilitation activity days.

But he added a condition that she must keep both animals on leads and have them fitted with a muzzle when out in public.

Addressing, Park the judge said: '˜You are not to have any dog in public unless that dog has on a lead and is wearing a muzzle.'

If the dogs are found without these then Park faces breaching her suspended jail term and going to prison.

And imposing a contingent destruction order on Poppy, the judge warned the dog would be destroyed if found without a lead or muzzle.