Fears that baby goat stolen from Staunton Country Park could die

Staff fear a baby goat stolen from Staunton Country Park will die if it is not reunited with its mother.


Police say the four-day-old pygmy goat kid is believed to have been stolen from the Havant visitor attraction last night.

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said: ‘Staff at the park‬ are concerned that if the goat is not reunited with its mother soon it is likely to die and is likely to be already suffering from the ‪separation‬.

‘The goat is male, and all ‪black‬ with one ‪white‬ hoof.

‘Can you help getting this little ‪fella‬ back his mum? Any sightings or knowledge call 101 and quote 44160196086.’

A statement on the Staunton Park Facebook site said: ‘Needs to be found within the next 12 hours as is completely dependant on its mother. A distraught mother wanting her little boy back. Please contact 02392 453405 if you have any relevant information.’

Picture: Staunton Country Park via Facebook