Filthy conditions found at takeaway where staff slept

SHOCKED hygiene inspectors uncovered people living in a takeaway store room leading to the former owner being ordered to pay out £3,025.

Friday, 6th October 2017, 11:53 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 3:30 am

Filthy conditions were found at the Lime Tree, in Carisbrooke Road, Gosport, when officers from the borough council inspected the takeaway.

Chicken was soaking in a sink with a tray floating on top that previously had naan bread on it.

Food was stored on the floor underneath cleaning chemicals and a dust pan and brush.

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Photos shown to Portsmouth magistrates revealed a bunk bed was found off a food preparation room, with a washing line above sinks.

Clothes were soaking in another tub in the preparation room.

Former owner Mahmud Salam was prosecuted by Gosport Borough Council for food safety offences after the December 2015 visit and February 2016 re-inspection.

He denied all nine charges over the December 2015 visit.

The beds where people were living

But Salam, 41, was found guilty by Portsmouth magistrates of the crimes concerning cleanliness and hygiene, staff training and safety procedures.

Cllr Mark Hook, leader of the council, said: ‘We will not tolerate food businesses putting the public at risk in this way. ‘We work with businesses to help them make improvements, but if they fail to maintain standards then we will take them to court.’

Salam was fined £1,650 and with a £25 victim surcharge and £1,350 council costs to pay.

A council spokesman said: ‘Washing lines were hung over food preparation sinks and clothes were soaking in buckets next to food.

‘The toilet and shower room were in a poor state of cleanliness and repair, and there was a bucket with used toilet paper in it.

‘The kitchen was very dirty, with old food debris ground into the floor and piles of food swept into corners.

‘Walls and other areas were splattered with greasy dirt and dried food. Chicken was defrosting in a sink with a dirty tray sat in the water and lots of food sat out at room temperature. Food safety paperwork had not been maintained.

‘The premises immediately closed, voluntarily, for deep cleaning and disposing of food. An inspection found a significant improvement in cleanliness when it reopened three days later. But an unannounced visit last February found further food hygiene offences.

Salam has since sold the takeaway, the council said.

The beds where people were living