Gosport baby death: Sister of mum accused of killing tot had '˜no concerns' over baby's treatmentÂ

THE sister of a woman accused of killing her baby son told a court the mum was a '˜crazy aunt'. Â

Monday, 19th November 2018, 7:38 pm
Updated Monday, 19th November 2018, 8:46 pm
Roxanne Davis, 29, of Lee Road, Gosport, appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates' Court charged with causing or allowing the death of her son Stanley Davis

Roxanne Davis, 29, of Lee Road, Gosport, appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates' Court charged with causing or allowing the death of her son Stanley Davis 8/2/18

Giving evidence at Winchester Crown Court, Zoe Norbury said her younger sister Roxanne Davis, 30, was not as responsible as herself.

The elder sister also told jurors she witnessed '˜squabbles' between Davis and her co-accused and former lover Samuel Davies, 24 - but insisted she had no concerns over the welfare of baby Stanley.

The infant died of a skull fracture and brain haemorrhage aged just 24 days on March 28 last year. He also suffered 32 fractures to his ribs and nine fractures to his arms and legs sustained during three separate occasions.

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Stanley Davis Picture: Hampshire Police/PA Wire

Davis, 30, of Lee Road, Gosport, and Davies, 24, of Mayfield Road, Southampton are on trial accused of causing or allowing the death of the infant.

Ms Norbury told the court Davis was '˜shocked' but '˜very happy' when she found out she was pregnant after thinking she was unable to have children.

Describing her sister, the witness said: '˜We are like chalk and cheese. It's just that I am more responsible - I had my first child when I was 18 years old.

'˜Roxy is very generous and loving and would give you her last pound. She's a crazy aunt - she's the fun one who's always messing around with the kids.'

Ms Norbury also described Davies as a '˜nice guy' and a supportive dad but admitted not seeing the pair enough to know if they had any arguments. '˜I never witnessed any arguments, only them squabbling,' she said.

Quizzed over Stanley, Ms Norbury said: '˜He was very quiet. I rarely heard him cry. I was aware of their problems with feeding him.'

When asked if she was concerned about a Facebook video where Stanley was fitting, the sister said: '˜I didn't see it as I hadn't opened it. If I had seen it then I may have been concerned.'

The witness also said the couple were happy together and with having a baby with her sister mortified when Stanley was rushed to hospital. '˜She was screaming down the phone, I couldn't make out what was being said,' Ms Norbury said.

Meanwhile, Davis' younger sister, Hayley Davis said she had no cause for concerns about Stanley's wellbeing. '˜Roxanne was very loving, gentle and kind,' she told the court.

She added: '˜Stanley was her world. I had no concerns (over the infant's wellbeing).'

Asked about how Davies was as a parent, she said: '˜He was very hands on and took on the role of dad like changing nappies and other things.'

Speaking of Stanley, Ms Davis said: '˜He was very timid and slept a lot. He rarely cried.'

Ms Davis did admit seeing her sister and Davies argue at times but said it was nothing out of the ordinary. '˜I heard them bickering sometimes but it was about minor things like putting washing away. They would be laughing again after about five minutes,' she said.

Under cross examination from prosecutor James Newton-Price QC, Ms Davis admitted she did not know of any '˜pushing, shoving or spitting' between the couple.

The sister also said she was unaware the police had been called on one occasion as well as to knowing the defendants did cannabis and cocaine.

The prosecutor said: '˜Are you trying to minimise how everything was?'

Ms Davis replied: '˜No, I'm just saying how things were from what I knew.'