Grieving mum tells of her heartache after her 15-year-old daughter is killed by Hampshire drink-driver

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A BEREAVED mother has given her backing to a campaign fighting against dangerous drivers.

Hampshire police launched its Fatal 4 campaign targeting distracted drivers, along with those who drink or take drugs.

The car crash that killed Karen Marchant's daughter Rebecca

The car crash that killed Karen Marchant's daughter Rebecca

Now a mother whose family friend killed her daughter in a crash has said: ‘If you make a decision to drink and drive it is never an accident, it’s like playing a game of Russian roulette nine times out of ten you will probably get away with it but there is always that one chance that you won’t and it absolutely devastates lives.’

Surrey-based Karen Marchant’s daughter Rebecca, 15, died in a drink-drive crash in the New Forest in Ferbruary 2016.

Alex McBride, 34 from Hordle, Hampshire, crashed his black E350 Mercedes Sport into a tree killing Becca instantly.

McBride was sentenced to four years and four months in prison and banned from driving for five years and two months at Bournemouth Crown Court in March 2016.