How hero PC acted fast to save life of stabbing victim

WITH a man bleeding to death on the pavement, heroic police officer Malcolm Long had just seconds to react.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 15th January 2018, 6:00 am
PC Malcolm Long, who has been honoured for saving a man's life Picture: Malcolm Wells (180105-5053)
PC Malcolm Long, who has been honoured for saving a man's life Picture: Malcolm Wells (180105-5053)

The Cosham officer packed the stabbing victim’s horrific neck wound with bandages, using wrap after wrap in a desperate bid to stem the blood flow.

But when this failed, he took the decision to plunge his fingers into the gash to slow the bleeding – a move which medics say undoubtedly saved the 39-year-old man’s life.

Now, more than a year on from the heroics in Fratton, PC Long – who has now twice saved someone’s life – has been rewarded with a top national honour for his efforts.

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PC Malcolm Long, who has been honoured for saving a man's life Picture: Malcolm Wells (180105-5053)

The 42-year-old officer is to be presented with the Royal Humane Society Certificate of Commendation for his life and death battle.

PC Long said he was ‘honoured’ to receive the accolade.

‘As police officers, we are regularly faced with challenging or indeed distressing situations, and have to think and act quickly when responding under pressure,’ he said.

‘This incident took place while I was out on a routine patrol, and I am fortunate enough to have had the advanced first aid training which immediately kicked in when I came across the injured man.

PC Malcolm Long, who has been honoured for saving a man's life Picture: Malcolm Wells (180105-5053)

‘Had he remained undiscovered for much longer then the outcome could have been fatal.

‘I am glad that my actions helped this man survive what was undoubtedly a very traumatic ordeal.’

PC Long’s first aid skills were called upon on October 14, 2016.

He and a colleague had been on patrol when they discovered the gravely-wounded man in Woodland Street, near Lake Road, Fratton.

The victim, who lives in Portsmouth, had been stabbed in the neck leaving him with a severe gash. He was nearing death when PC Long arrived.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the officer began first aid, first trying to dress the wound by wrapping bandages around the male’s neck.

Despite his efforts, blood continued to pour from the victim’s slashed neck. So PC Long used his fingers to apply direct pressure on the wound.

When ambulance crews arrived at the scene they asked him to go to the hospital with them and keep the pressure on the injury in this way during the trip to the hospital.

In addition to the award PC Long has also won the personal praise of Andrew Chapman, secretary of the Royal Humane Society.

As he announced the commendation at the society’s London headquarters, Mr Chapman said: ‘Thankfully PC Long had undergone above-average first aid training.

‘He had previously been with Sussex Police and had trained in advanced medical skills.

‘They certainly came into their own on this occasion.

‘If he had not acted as he did there seems little doubt that the man would have bled to death. This is an extremely well-deserved award.’

This is the second time PC Long has been commended for saving someone’s life. In 2015 he received a police commendation for providing life-saving first aid to another stabbing victim in Southsea.

Speaking of the latest incident, Chief Inspector Chris White said: ‘PC Long went above and beyond his duties as a response officer to ensure this man was given urgent life-saving treatment before paramedics arrived.

‘His commitment also saw him continue to assist crews in the ambulance as it travelled to hospital.

‘Thankfully the man survived his life-threatening wounds, and had it not been for PC Long’s quick-thinking first aid the outcome could have been very different.

‘This is a sterling example of how our officers work through exceptionally challenging circumstances to ensure the safety of members of the public, and we are delighted that PC Long has been commended for his efforts.’

No date has yet been fixed for presentation of the award which follows a recommendation from Hampshire police.

PC Long has been an officer for 13 years, serving in Hampshire Constabulary for five years.