Jail for Fareham road-rage attacker who assaulted OAP with steering wheel lock

A DRIVER who launched a '˜frenzied attack' on a pensioner with a steering wheel lock has been jailed for 33 months.

Tuesday, 29th March 2016, 3:23 pm
Updated Saturday, 2nd April 2016, 6:57 am
Malcolm Dutton

Shocking video footage shown in court showed how Malcolm Dutton repeatedly hit Richard Buckland, 66, with the bar after saying: ‘right, you’ve had three warnings’.

Two pensioners, Patricia Hatherley, 74, and Linda Yorke, 68, have been praised after they rushed to stop the road-rage attack.

The court heard Buckland had been driving home along the A27 from Fareham to Portchester when he was cut up by a red car driven by Dutton.

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The steering wheel lock used by Malcolm Dutton in the road-rage attack

Dutton pulled out in front of Buckland, braking sharply before doing the same three times.

He then gestured to the pensioner to pull over in Wagtail Way, Porchester, where Dutton, 34, lives.

When they pulled over outside Dutton’s home they both got out the car on August 27 last year.

Wit his arms folded, victim Mr Buckland stood silently before Dutton launched into the attack.

The steering wheel lock used by Malcolm Dutton in the road-rage attack

Screams from the women are heard on the footage, which was recorded on Dutton’s mobile phone.

Most of the attack is not seen as he throws the phone into his car but the shot sees Dutton lift the steering wheel high into the air.

After the attack, an out-of-shot Dutton said: ‘I gave him three warnings, you’re lucky you’re alive’.

Philip Meredith, prosecuting, said: ‘Mr Buckland is deeply grateful to those ladies.

‘He feared he would have sustained even worse injuries had they not been there.’

Mr Buckland suffered bruising to the front right temple, right cheek, and the upper part of the left rear should blade and the gash to the back of this head, which was glued.

In a victim personal statement Mr Buckland said: ‘I genuinely believe if the two ladies didn’t come over he could have killed me.

‘He was hitting me over and over, I think he was enjoying it.’

He also suffered injuries to his torso.

In police interview Dutton told detectives he was ‘well within his rights’ and was acting in self defence.

But he later pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding.

Sentencing, Recorder James Watson QC said it was a shocking incident and Dutton showed no empathy, insight or responsibility for what he had done.

Robert Bryan, defending, said there was a dispute with what led up to the incident.

The judge said outside of his violence Dutton had a better side.

Investigating officer DC Duncan Green said: ‘This was a particularly nasty attack with a weapon that was totally unprovoked. I’m pleased that the sentence reflects the seriousness with which the courts take this kind of assault, which was extremely traumatic for the victim.

‘I’d also like thank the intervention of two witnesses who prevented the victim’s injuries from being more serious.

‘Quite simply this kind of ‘road rage’ behaviour will not be tolerated. This case sends a clear message that we will investigate and prosecute anyone who is involved in this kind of serious incident.’


VIOLENT crimes committed by Malcolm Dutton were revealed in court.

Philip Meredith, prosecuting, told how in December 2012 Dutton bit a paramedic’s hand after the medic came to his aid.

Drunk Dutton told the paramedic: ‘I’m going to kill you in a minute’s time.’

A passing single-crewed police car was called over and Dutton detained. He admitted battery and was given a community order.

And in January 2014 he threw a table at the centre manager of the Oasis Centre, where he had gone to take his driving theory test.

He was fined after admitting using threatening behaviour.