Mutiny Festival organiser: drug dealers must face '˜full extent of justice system'

DEALERS involved in supplying drugs at Mutiny should feel the '˜full extent' of the justice system, the festival's organiser has said.

Luke Betts. Picture: Malcolm Wells
Luke Betts. Picture: Malcolm Wells

Speaking to The News, Mutiny Festival founder Luke Betts said he was happy police investigating the supplying of drugs at the event had made arrests.

Hampshire police has not said if the arrests are linked in any way to the deaths of Georgia Jones, 18, and dad-of-one Tommy Cowan, 20.

In a direct address to dealers peddling drugs at this festival, Mr Betts said: ‘My initial response is that I hope you see the full extent of our justice system and I don’t know how you can sleep at night with what you’ve done.

Luke Betts. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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'˜We're devastated but nothing compares to Georgia and Tommy's families' loss' '...

‘I’m happy that police have made arrests and say to these people they don’t even know what they’ve caused.’

He added: ‘The worst has happened.’

Mr Betts said it was not clear what drugs had been taken but said he had heard the silver Audi, a type of ecstasy, had been mentioned.

‘We still don’t know. I have been in meetings, we’ve heard silver Audi, we’ve heard green Heineken,’ he said. ‘I don’t think we’re going to know for a while.’

The festival had sent out a warning to all customers who bought tickets via its website, on social media and through promoters on Saturday evening, he said.

It warned of a dangerous ‘bad batch’ of a substance.

Mr Betts said: ‘We didn’t want to scare people who have taken anything.’

But he said in alerting people, it may have stopped others from taking drugs they had on them. He said people ‘could have read that just before they were about do something stupid’.

Mr Betts said there was no crime scene at the festival site, with equipment being taken down as per the licence granted by the city council.