People in Hampshire warned of aggressive phone scam

PEOPLE in Hampshire are being warned about aggressive phone scammers claiming to be from the tax office demanding money.

CPR Call Blocker, makers of call blocking devices, are urging people to hang up if someone claims to be from the tax office or leaves a message claiming you must call back or risk facing legal action.

The reported scam involves an automated message telling the recipient they owe tax and face legal action.

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They are then asked to press a number to speak to someone to make a payment on their unpaid tax or face a lawsuit.

Some calls have also told people to get in touch with a solicitor as they could be facing serious legal problems if they don’t pay immediately.

Bryony Hipkin, from CPR Call Blocker, said: ‘The manner of these calls are both intimidating and threatening.

‘These are classic tactics often used by scammers to try to bully members of the public and this can often make people panic and pay without thinking the process through first.

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‘We would always strongly recommend never paying something over the phone that you are unsure of.

‘Especially in cases like this, where the call you receive is the first time you have heard of any payment that needs to be made.’

The advice is to always try to verify the caller’s ID, and if you cannot do that hang up and get in touch with HMRC yourself.

Ms Hipkin added: ‘If you suspect you may have compromised your account, contact your bank or card provider as soon as possible.’