Police urge Hampshire businesses to beef up cyber security as hackers target the region

POLICE have urged businesses to beef up their online security and warned them to under-estimate the risk posed by hackers.

Police have warned businesses to up their cyber security.
Police have warned businesses to up their cyber security.

Hampshire’s cyber protect officer, James Adnitt said the cyber gangs were among some of the biggest threats to businesses.

Now, as Portsmouth looks to become a ‘cyber safe city, Jame has issued some top tips to help firms avoid falling victim to online crooks.

‘It is vitally important that businesses ensure they have the right policies and procedures in place when it comes to their online security.

‘Business email compromise (BEC) and ransomware are two types of cybercrime that we see.

‘During a BEC attack, criminals gain access to business email accounts. From there they can alter invoices, leading to mandate fraud.

‘Ransomware is a type of malware that will either lock the owner out of their network or threaten to publish the contents of it unless a ransom is paid.

‘The National Cyber Security Centre has a guide online for small business, which is tailored for cyber security. This online resource gives businesses a 26-point action plan.

‘It is important that businesses don't see cyber security as belonging to the IT department.

‘Human resources departments need to ensure policies are in place, for example to withdraw system access to an employee who has left a company.

‘Due to the constantly evolving landscape, annual cyber security training should be mandatory.

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‘Finance departments should have policies in place guiding staff on what to do if a supplier's invoice states that they have changed banks.

‘They should also consider the inclusion of contractual obligations for suppliers to have a minimum security certification of their cyber essentials.’

Hampshire Constabulary’s cyber crime unit provides free ‘cyber protect’ training for businesses, which includes a network vulnerability assessment.

Businesses can also receive tips on the Hants Cyber Protect page on LinkedIn and on Twitter by searching for @HCCyberProtect.’