Portsmouth 'road rage' incident sees police complaint as Ford Transit driver 'chucks coffee' over Mini

A DRIVER has complained to police for not investigating a ‘ridiculous’ road rage-style incident that ended up with coffee being thrown over his Mini.

Monday, 1st March 2021, 11:48 am

Peter Gartshore was driving in narrow Station Road, Drayton, when a Ford Transit driver coming in the opposite direction did not pull over behind a parked car to allow the 61-year-old to pass.

Both drivers ended up with their vehicles nose to nose next to the parked car – with traffic starting to build behind each of them.

Mr Gartshore said it was ‘absolutely ridiculous’ that the van driver did not move, even after he approached the driver and asked him to do so.

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Peter Gartshore, in the Mini, was involved in an alleged road rage incident in Station Road, Drayton, with the driver of the van.

He reported the incident to police on 101 while in his Mini but was later told no action would be taken.

When he complained, a police sergeant told Mr Gartshore ‘what is described would amount to driving without due care and attention' – but this alone is not enough to take action.

He has now taken the matter further as he said investigating the incident was ‘in the public interest’ an added: ‘My major concern apart from obviously it did have an effect on me and it was quite a shock… is this sort of incident happens and they seem to go completely uninvestigated.’

A resident took a photo and recorded part of the incident. Police did investigate but said the vehicle was leased so they could not identify the driver.

Peter Gartshore has complained after he reported a road rage incident to Hampshire police. The incident happened in Station Road, Drayton. Picture: Chris Moorhouse (270221-20)

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Detailing the incident to The News, the restaurateur said: ‘I asked him to pull his van over and he just glowered at me,’

‘I said “you realise I’ve got right of way” and he said “so… what?”

‘I said either you pull over or I’ll phone the police – he said “you can… go and call the police”.

‘I got back in my car and began phoning the police, I then looked up and he was taking photos of me on his mobile phone which was quite harassing.

‘Then he started hitting his horn again. As I got towards the end of the call I could hear his door open – he was actually getting out of his vehicle and walked to to the passenger side and walked to the other vehicle – it was absolutely ridiculous.’

Other drivers started to leave the area by doing a U-turn, Mr Gartshore said.

‘He then walks by me, gives me two fingers, got in his van and hit his horn.

‘Then he starts his vehicle up and he mounted the pavement to my left – he drove along the grass verge.

‘As he was going he was hitting his horn and then threw a cup of coffee over my car.’

Officers are considering Mr Gartshore’s further complaint about their response to the incident on February 3 at 1.34pm.

Email correspondence seen by The News shows a sergeant said: ‘I very much regret that we have not been able to bring this matter to the conclusion that you would have liked and inadvertently caused further stress and frustration however I am satisfied that a proportionate investigation was undertaken.’

A Hampshire police spokeswoman said the Professional Standards Department is investigating a complaint.

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