REVEALED: Hampshire named one of the UK's worst for complaints of animal cruelty

Hampshire has been named as one of the UK's worst counties for the number of animal cruelty reports.

Wednesday, 29th March 2017, 11:03 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 7:02 pm
Rosie the horse was one of those rescued by the RSPCA when a Portsmouth horse trader failed to seek vetinary treatment for the sick animals in his care. Picture: RSPCA

More than 4,000 complaints were investigated by the RSPCA last year.

The charity has said the surge in calls nationally is down to people becoming more aware and less tolerant of animal cruelty, rather than a sign people are becoming crueler.

The annual figures, released today, show Hampshire is ranked ninth in the country for complaints with 4,131, down slightly from 4,147 in 2015.

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Nearly 150,000 complaints about animal cruelty were made to the RSPCA last year

A total of 148,604 calls were received nationally, up five per cent from last year.

The catalogue of cruelty investigated in the south west includes 11 people sentenced for killing wildlife in Dorset, and horses left to starve by a man who ran a horse training business in Somerset.

The cases also include a horse trader from Portsmouth who was given a suspended prison sentence and disqualified from keeping horses for foive years after failing to seek veterinary treatment for sick horses in his care.

Dermot Murphy, assistant director of the RSPCA Inspectorate, said: ‘People are increasingly likely to share images or footage on their social media accounts of animals they believe are not being cared for properly, while many will see material their friends have shared and then contact us about them.

Nearly 150,000 complaints about animal cruelty were made to the RSPCA last year

‘Either way, our officers are under increased pressure having to respond to more calls and investigate more complaints, but it is thanks to their dedication, as well as RSPCA staff and volunteers across England and Wales that we are able to transform the lives of tens of thousands of animals each year.’

The number of people convicted of animal cruelty offences nationally was 684 in 2016, down from 754 in 2015.

Greater London had the most number of complaints last year with 11,812, followed by West Yorkshire (7,920) and Greater Manchester (7,708).