REVEALED: Top 10 burglary hotspots in the Portsmouth area

The postcode districts in the Portsmouth area most prone to burglary insurance claims have been revealed, according to new research.

Monday, 22nd January 2018, 11:31 am
Updated Monday, 22nd January 2018, 11:37 am

MoneySuperMarket’s annual Burglary Claims Tracker analysed over two million home insurance quotes nationally run on its website over the last two years.

The MoneySuperMarket data reveals that the value of claims submitted in winter are on average 37 per cent higher than those submitted in summer – most likely because of the presence of high-value Christmas presents in the home.

The average collective value of itemised possessions (items listed on contents policies because of their high value, typically £1,500 or more) was £4,400, which is 10 per cent more than in 2016.

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Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs expert at MoneySuperMarket, said: ‘This year’s claims analysis suggests burglaries fall into two main categories: crimes committed in wealthy suburbs, where thieves expect rich pickings and a degree of seclusion, and busy urban areas, where strangers attract little attention and burglars hope to make speedy getaways.

‘We should bear in mind that many criminals are opportunists – if they see a soft target, they will pounce.

‘That makes it crucial for everyone, regardless of where they live, to be vigilant and to take the necessary steps to keep burglars at bay.’