'˜Savage' thug bit PC like a '˜wild animal' as she went to his aid

A THUG who bit a police officer like a '˜wild animal' in a '˜bloodthirsty' attack has been jailed for 28 months.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 16th September 2017, 7:00 am
PC Danielle Ruzewicz was left permanently scarred in the attack
PC Danielle Ruzewicz was left permanently scarred in the attack

Dramatic body-worn video footage played in court showed Brett Ferre lunging at two response officers who went to his aid in Portchester.

Despite being repeatedly warned to stay back Ferre, 35, sank his teeth into PC Danielle Ruzewicz’s left arm as she and a colleague restrained him.

The officer and a colleague went to help him as he lay on the ground covered in blood.

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Now father-of-five Ferre, of Windmill Grove, has been jailed for two years and four months after admitting GBH.

PC Ruzewicz, who was left permanently scarred, has been commended by a judge at Portsmouth Crown court for acting in an ‘utterly professional’ way.

In a statement read to the court PC Ruzewicz said: ‘Regardless of how drunk you are it’s not an excuse for savage, bloodthirsty behaviour resulting in someone being permanently scarred.’

She added: ‘I was just saying “I’m fine” however I clearly wasn’t fine, I had just been bitten, I felt disgusting, and dirty, violated.’

The officer had to undergo months of tests after the bite, which measured 6cm by 3cm.

Her children were horrified unable to understand why a man would bite a woman, the court was told.

Ferre held his head in his hands as the video was shown of the attack at the play park at Harbour View, Portchester, on September 16 at 6pm.

Sentencing, judge Peter Ralls QC said: ‘She was trying to assist you in what was a careful, cautious and utterly professional way, trying to stop you from further injuring yourself or anyone who was present.

‘Whilst she was legitimately trying to some limited restraint you bit her arm in a way mimicking a wild animal.

‘The damage caused was very significant indeed.’

He added: ‘This was an attack against somebody providing a service to the public, indeed someone who was trying to help you specifically and you rewarded her in this way.’

Defending, James Caldwell said Ferre was remorseful and had alcohol-related mental health problems. He had drunk a pint of whisky and some beer after being told his child had the all-clear from meningitis.

After the hearing John Apter, Hampshire Police Federation chairman, said: ‘The injury inflicted on the officer was horrific, it is the worst bite injury I have ever seen on a police officer. As a result, Danielle is scarred for life for simply doing her job.’

In a statement, chief inspector Chris White said: ‘There is no justification for anyone to resort to violence against a police officer in the execution of their duty.

‘This sentence underlines that this type of behaviour is totally unacceptable.’