Suspected drug dealer in Portsmouth park 'fought like caged animal' before stabbing plainclothes police officer, jury told

A SUSPECTED drug dealer fought like a ‘caged animal’ with police before stabbing a plainclothes officer who had ‘no chance’ to avoid the knife, a court heard.

Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 12:41 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 7:45 pm

Today in a police-recorded video PC Clare Parry wept as she told Portsmouth Crown Court of the moment her colleague PC Russell Turner was stabbed in Stamshaw Park, in Portsmouth, as he attempted to handcuff the suspect.Jurors are today hearing the second day of Michael Enzanga’s trial where the 20-year-old is accused of stabbing 56-year-old PC Turner in a struggle on February 21.PC Parry said her colleague tapped the man, who she said they had observed dealing drugs to known addicts, and said ‘police’ when the struggle erupted.She said: ‘He was really like a caged animal fighting for his life - that’s what it was like.’Yesterday jurors heard PC Turner suffered a collapsed lung. A 5in knife was recovered a day after the stabbing near to where Londoner Enzanga was found shortly after the incident hiding in a garden in Jervis Road near to the park.

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Stamshaw Park police stabbing trial: Officer felt 'massive thud' as he struggled...

PC Parry said the struggle ended at a wall abutting Hastings House, a block of maisonettes, around eight metres away up a slope from where PC Turner tried to handcuff the man.She wept as she said: ‘We were all bouncing off the wall fighting continuously and then he pulls out this, I didn’t even know what it was first.‘All I could see was it’s silver then it’s almost like he’s unsheathed it, taken the top off and it’s a knife and I’m shouting “put the knife down”.‘Russ couldn’t see it from where he was and... I was just shouting “put the knife down”... and he’s made these punching motion and I didn’t know Russ had been stabbed until he hit the floor and Russ was just lying there, his face at the side on his front.‘And Liz the play manager came running over, I pressed the emergency button and said “an officer’s been stabbed”.’PC Parry added the assailant said nothing other than swearing at her when he stabbed PC Turner – who she said was not wearing a stab vest – in the back in a ‘simultaneous action’ as she repeated demands to put the knife down.She said: ‘We were probably only fighting him for about a few minutes but it seemed to last like an eternity and we just couldn’t control him. Russ had no chance because he couldn’t see the knife. As soon as I saw it I shouted “put the knife down”.‘It was almost like in slow motion but it was very quick, as soon as the male made that motion it was almost like we flew apart. He burst away from me. Russ had fallen to the ground and then looking at Russ, his condition, and I could just see blood.’Enzanga, of Ashfield Road, Tottenham, north London, denies grievous bodily harm with intent, having a knife, criminal property - nearly £1,000 in cash, and four charges of possessing class A drugs with intent to supply.Jurors heard the drug charges relate to clingfilm-wrapped heroin and crack cocaine recovered on February 21 and the day before when it is alleged Enzanga was in the park and was assaulted.PC Parry said staff at the adventure playground saw a man attacked with a ‘metal bar’, and added: ‘Witnesses said it was the handlebar of a scooter.‘They pulled his bottoms down and underwear and on fleeing he left behind some drugs deal bags containing crack cocaine and heroin and a mobile phone.’Opening the case yesterday prosecutor Dale Sullivan said the phone had texts on it addressed to ‘Michael’. A small bundle wrapped in clingfilm containing 34 wraps of heroin or crack cocaine was also recovered on February 20.He said after the stabbing Enzanga fled, was Tasered but it was unsuccessful. When he was arrested the Taser barbs were still on the clothes on his back.Clingfilm containing 60 wraps of either crack cocaine or heroin were found in the bag with Enzanga’s DNA, Mr Sullivan told jurors.A discarded grey item of clothing also contained Enzanga’s DNA, as did the officer’s clothes, Mr Sullivan said.(Proceeding)

Police in Stamshaw Park after an officer was stabbed in February Picture: Sarah Standing (210219-9850)