Watch: ‘It was so scary. They wanted everything I had.’

The three hand grenades found underneath the lorry. Picture: NCA

UPDATE: Man arrested after guns and grenades found in lorry released by police

  • 32-year-old was approached on the street by two men
  • They demanded her valuables and one of them punched her
  • They also kicked her dog before running off
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A WOMAN has spoken of her terror after she was assaulted in the street by two thugs who tried to rob her.

Kelly West, 32, of Herbert Road, Southsea, said it would have been even worse if a stranger and her dog, Tiny, had not intervened.

The injuries to Ms West's face after the attack.

The injuries to Ms West's face after the attack.

Kelly said she was now afraid to leave the house on her own, especially after dark.

She said: ‘It was so scary. They wanted everything I had. I was shaking afterwards and I couldn’t sleep.’

The attack happened in Devonshire Avenue, Southsea, when Kelly was walking home from a friend’s house with her Staffordshire bull terrier on Friday at around 9.10pm.

Kelly said: ‘They shouted out something, but I couldn’t hear it all because I had my headphones on.

I was shaking afterwards and I couldn’t sleep

Kelly West

‘The next thing I know, one of them came up behind me and pulled a big chunk of my hair out. One of them said: “what have you got? I want everything you’ve got.”

‘I said I didn’t have anything, and he said: “What are your headphones attached to then?”’

Kelly said Tiny must have sensed danger and started to growl. She said: ‘My dog tried to protect me. He grabbed the bottom of [one of the attackers’] trouser leg. But then one of them kicked Tiny in the head.

Kelly said one of the men then punched her in the face and she fell to the floor.

Assault victim Kelly West with her Staffie, Tiny

Assault victim Kelly West with her Staffie, Tiny

She said: ‘Then I heard a gentleman shout out of a window. I didn’t catch exactly what it was but it sounded like“leave the girl alone”. Then they turned around and started arguing with the gentleman.’

Kelly took the chance to escape, running into the Spar grocery shop across the road.

After the attackers ran off she went home with a black eye and scratches on her face.

Police appeal for witnesses to assault

ASSAULT victim Kelly West said she wanted the thugs caught, but counted herself lucky after the attack.

She said: ‘I don’t want them to get away with it. If that had been an elderly lady or man or even a pregnant girl, there would have been a lot more damage done.’

The attackers were aged 17-25, and one of them was wearing a Stone Island beige jacket with a hood and the other had on a dark sweatshirt.

A police spokesman said this kind of crime was not common in Southsea and a neighbourhood policing team had been patrolling in the area.

Anyone with information should contact the eastern investigation team on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.