We asked business owners if they want new CCTV in Old Portsmouth beauty spots

THE efforts to crack down on anti-social behaviour at two of Old Portsmouth's beauty spots have been welcomed by city business owners and workers.

Tuesday, 24th April 2018, 6:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 24th April 2018, 6:26 pm
Sunbathers on Hot Walls enjoying the sunshine. Picture: Neil Marshall

James Mouland runs an ebru studio at the Hot Walls – where he sells artwork created via a process of painting directly on to the surface of water, later transferring the design to paper.

After moving into his studio in July, 2016, Mr Mouland said he had been the victim of anti-social behaviour himself – calling the spate of incidents that have affected the area ‘notable’.

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Picture: Kevin Kearney

He said: ‘The biggest need for CCTV comes from the bike theft in this area.

‘My bike was vandalised once so I reported it, but a few days later I could see and hear another big group outside.

‘I went out and challenged them, went back inside to get my phone to try and get the commotion on video and they kettled me – I had to lock myself in my studio.

‘As long as it is effective and has a clear view of the Hot Walls and the area where people lock up their bikes, I completely welcome the CCTV. ‘ Luke Sands, an employee at Abarbistro close to the Camber Docks, said the CCTV was ‘good news’.

Picture: Kevin Kearney

‘I’ve had my bike stolen from the Old Portsmouth area,’ he said.

‘Because there was no CCTV at that time, I couldn’t track who took it – but it’s good news the police will be able to do that now.’

And while she has not faced anti-social behaviour herself, Lizzie Cornelius, who runs the I Can See the Sea studio at The Hot Walls, said the new CCTV makes her ‘feel safer’.

She added: ‘I think CCTV should be everywhere.’