'˜We just heard a massive explosion': Portsmouth residents terrified by 10 blazes in street

TERRIFIED residents plagued by youths running amok fear it could end in tragedy.

Thursday, 24th May 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:46 am
Kim Price standing outside one of the areas set on fire in Buckland. Picture: Habibur Rahman

People living in Buckland have been left shocked and scared for their lives after a spate of fires that have besieged the area over recent nights.

Firefighters were called out 10 times to fires since Sunday in and around Arnaud Close, an area near to the playground, and Seymour Close.

A group of about 10 teenagers was seen brazenly setting fire to wheelie bins, bushes and park benches before sitting back to laugh and admire their arson.

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Kim Price standing outside one of the areas set on fire in Buckland. Picture: Habibur Rahman

‘We just heard a massive explosion and looked out the window to see a group of teenagers setting on fire wheelie bins and bushes close to the park,’ resident Kim Price told The News.

‘They just sat around laughing and chatting. One of the fires they set off was right by a power station – the consequences could have been catastrophic.

‘There have been fires on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night. You just wonder when it’s going to end and who’s going to stop them. It’s really unsettling especially as it’s so close to home. What will be next? Cars or houses?’

The situation became farcical after police thought Ms Price was pranking them as she was ringing up so often to report the blazes which have destroyed picnic benches and led to a council clean-up operation.

Ms Price added: ‘Something needs to be done. We’re meant to have security here from the council but there’s no one about. They came and replaced a bench which we were told cost £2,000. The destruction must be costing them a fortune.’

Southsea fire station crew manager Alex Haye said: ‘It’s dangerous and a waste of resources.’

Police are investigating the arsons.