D-Day 75: British veterans ‘banned’ from visiting Normandy Landing site Omaha beach because of Donald Trump 

President Donald Trump is coming to Europe for D-Day 75 anniversary. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
President Donald Trump is coming to Europe for D-Day 75 anniversary. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
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BRITISH D-Day veterans have been ‘banned’ from visiting Omaha beach on the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings because of Donald Trump. 

The US President will be visiting Portsmouth for the ceremony in the city on June 5 and then will head to France on June 6. 

Ken Smith and Ken Cooke, who are both 93 and from York, are planning to return to France for one last time, 75 years after they landed on Sword Beach. 

The veterans had planned on visiting Omaha Beach as part of their five day trip to the continent to honour their fallen friends. 

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However they have since learned that their movements on June 6 will be heavily restricted due to the heightened level of security, which is the result of Donald Trump and other VIPs visiting for the anniversary. 

Mr Smith, who helped liberate Europe after landing in Normandy, has spoken to the Daily Mail about the protocols in place for the event. 

He said: ‘We didn't have all this security last time I landed in Normandy. In fact, I didn't even need my passport. Most of the veterans are in wheelchairs or need walking frames - so it's not as if they present any kind of security threat at all.

'I think Trump is more likely to be bumped off by his own people than one of ours.

'The whole of Normandy is being turned into a no go area and we have got wander around with identity cards around our necks.’

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The veteran added that the American areas for the anniversary celebrations are basically no-go zones with access only for VIPs, claiming that they have been ‘banned’ from the areas. 

Due to President Trump’s visit to Portsmouth there will be high levels of security in the city for the celebrations on June 5. 

Portsmouth City Council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson revealed last month that there will be huge solid steel fences around Southsea Common for the event. 

The view of the ceremony will be blocked off for the majority of residents and visitors.