Falklands 40: Headlines from June 4 as Queen honours heroes of the campaign

THESE are the headlines from 40 years ago as the Queen honoured the first heroes of the campaign to liberate the Falkland Islands.

By Mollie Delahay
Saturday, 4th June 2022, 4:00 am

Queen honours battle heroes, Falkland medals awarded

THREE Hampshire heroes are among those honoured today for their part in the retaking of South Georgia.

The commanding officer and flight commander of the Portsmouth-based destroyer, HMS Antrim, are awarded medals for their heroism. The destroyer led the attack on the island.

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The picture shows a helicopter returning to HMS Antrim having rescued SAS Troopers trapped on a glacier. Then-Lieutenant Chris Parry was mentioned in despatches for his role in the re-taking of South Georgia Picture: (120547-758)

Five men receive medals and six, including the Hampshire servicemen, are mentioned in despatches.

Captain Brian Young, of Penn, Buckinghamshire, commanding officer of Antrim, and Lt Cdr Ian Stanley, flight commander of Antrim, receive the Distinguished Service Order.

Lt Cdr John Ellerbeck, flight commander of HMS Endurance, receives the Distinguished Service Cross.

Lt Cdr William Hurst, of Hambledon, Lt Christopher Parry, of Farlington, Portsmouth, and Petty Officer Aircrewman David Fitzgerald, of Southampton, are among those mentioned in despatches.

The headlines from June 4, 1982 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War

Lt Parry (29), joined the Royal Navy in October 1972, Lt Cdr Hurst (49), entered the service in 1951. He serves in HMS Endurance.

PO Fitzgerald, of Nelson Road, was a member of the Wessex helicopter crew from HMS Antrim who airlifted SAS raiding parties to safety from South Georgia.

Yesterday his parents, Eric and Dorothy Fitzgerald, revealed that their son, who was slightly injured in the mission, would get a special thank you from the SAS.

Major Cedric Delves, who led SAS "D" Squadron, wrote personally to PO Fitzgerald, praising him and inviting him to SAS headquarters in Hereford ‘so we can thank you more appropriately’.

PO Fitzgerald sent a copy of the Argentine surrender document from South Georgia with the letter to his parents, who said they were ‘thrilled and delighted’ to learn their son was a hero.

Attack given go-ahead

BRITISH forces have been given the go-ahead to push the beleaguered Argentine garrison at Port Stanley into the sea.

Whitehall sources disclosed that no political or diplomatic reason will now hold up for the decisive battle for control of the Falklands.

The task force commanders have been told to launch an attack on the 7,000 Argentine troops as soon as they are ready to go.

There had been speculation that the assault would be delayed after Mrs. Thatcher said on television that Argentina has "a few more days" to withdraw.

Torture boss for Chichester

CAPTURED Argentinian commander Captain Alfredo Astiz - wanted for questioning about the deaths of three Europeans - is to be held at the Roussillon Barracks, in Chichester, according to the Ministry of Defence.

Astiz, known as ‘Captain death’ and said to have headed an Argentinian kidnap and torture squad in the 1970s, is due to arrive in Britain soon from South Georgia.

The barracks is the training centre of the Royal Military Police, and a Ministry spokesman said he would be held in a building known as the Keep.

The barracks, which was built in 1803, was occupied by the Royal Sussex Regiment from 1873 until 1964, when the Redcaps moved in.

THERE's nothing better than a cuppa after a hard day in the operating theatre.

For that was what was awaiting Adam Gay at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, last night, courtesy of the 22nd Portsmouth (St.Alban's) Cub Scout Pack.

As part of the National Cub Scout Tea-Making Fortnight these four lads were given special permission for their brew-up in a new operating theatre, which will come into use after Christmas. Mr. Gay is Deputy Manager of the hospital's Sterile Supply Unit.

The aim of the fortnight is to teach the boys how to use household equipment safely - and to have some fun.