The F-35 jets and Merlin helicopters playing an integral role in Carrier Strike Group's historic deployment - special e-mag

From the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth to the jets and helicopters that will fly from her deck on her maiden operational Carrier Strike Group deployment, Lockheed Martin is proud to be part of such an historic mission.

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Friday, 21st May 2021, 4:00 pm
An F-35 jet and a Merlin helicopter on the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth
An F-35 jet and a Merlin helicopter on the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth

The company has two key platforms that are integral to the operation of the CSG - the F-35 jet and the Merlin helicopter in two guises.

The F-35 is billed as the most advanced fighter jet in history and this powerful fifth-generation aircraft will be on full display as it embarks on HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The Merlin Mk2 provides the fleet with anti-submarine warfare capability and is essential to the protection of the carrier and the CSG. Plus the helicopter now has the Crowsnest radar system that acts as an airborne early warning platform, being the eyes and ears of the fleet to protect it against airborne attacks.

Lockheed Martin has worked side by side with its customers, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force, over decades to provide the capabilities of the Merlin and the F-35.

As the CSG departs from Portsmouth on its deployment to the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and East Asia, The News in association with Lockheed Martin has produced a special 16-page supplement to commemorate the occasion.

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