Scientist visits his former Portsmouth school to give talk

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SCIENCE students were given a talk by scientist and television broadcaster Professor Jim Al-Khalili.

The former Priory School pupil visited the secondary school, in Portsmouth, to hold a lecture.

He discussed topics such as time travel and alternative universes. He also held a question-and-answer session.

The lecture by Professor Al-Khalili, who is a professor of theoretical physics at the University of Surrey, was part of the school’s Stem programme designed to inspire the pupils to become future innovators and leaders in technology and engineering.

Year 10 student Luke Blay said: ‘Professor Al-Khalili really inspired me, he was so fascinating.

‘It’s awesome that we have Priory School in common.

‘It has really made me think about studying physics in more depth at university.’

Headteacher Stewart Vaughan added: ‘Welcoming such a wonderful role model as former Priory student Professor Al-Khalili demonstrates to our students that they can achieve outstanding success.’