EU nature laws to protect places like Langstone Harbour must be enforced, says MEP

EU nature laws that protect habitats in Hampshire must be defended to preserve local wildlife, says a local MEP.

The EU’s nature directives give protected status to areas such as Langstone Harbour and protect them from damaging development.

But the laws have come under threat from an upcoming review being carried out by the European Commission, which green campaigners warn could be used as an excuse to water them down.

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Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder said: ‘The EU has the best environmental protections in the world.

‘Where these laws are fully implemented they have had tremendous results, bringing back endangered birds and animals from the brink of extinction.

‘In places like the Pilsey Island Reserve in Hampshire, the EU’s laws are helping endangered species to thrive.

‘We must work together to protect nature for future generations. That means ensuring laws are strengthened and properly enforced.’