Fareham-based firm backs bid to tackle van tool theft

A COMPANY has backed a national campaign calling on the government to look at more ways to protect tradespeople from van tool theft.

Tuesday, 1st January 2019, 10:44 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:21 am
Peter Booth with a representative from Armorgard

Fareham-based construction equipment manufacturer Armorgard has put its backing behind the #noVANber campaign, which was started by plumber Peter Booth.

His online petition now has nearly 40,000 signatures and demands further investigation into what can be done to tackle van and tool theft.

He says: '˜The government is clear that these crimes, when they take place, should be reported to the police, so that they can be investigated and, where appropriate, the perpetrators taken through the courts and given appropriate sentences.

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'˜It is, however, for chief constables and police and crime commissioners, as operational leaders and elected local representatives, to decide how best to deploy resources to manage and respond to individual crimes and local crime priorities.'

Reuben Mitchell, Armorgard commercial director said: '˜Having their tools stolen out of the van is a daily worry for tradespeople.

'˜The average tool theft claim costs the tradesperson £1,692 '“ a figure that unfortunately, can sometimes be doubled with 50 per cent of victims having had their tools stolen at least twice.'

Armorgard is supporting the campaign by donating one of its market-leading secure boxes (TuffBank) to the #noVANber raffle, which is being held in order to further increase the profile of the campaign. 

Marketing director Glynis Dewhirst said: '˜From our perspective, tool theft is a serious issue for the construction industry generally '“ businesses large and small cite it as a serious and growing problem and we are keen to support initiatives to help prevent it. 

'˜Whilst the majority of Armorgard product-users are commercial businesses, many individual tradesmen '“ as well as organisations using fleets '“ use our boxes to secure tools in their vans. 

'˜We have designed these market-leading security solutions to be as theft-resistant as possible. We hope that government will recognise that if they help to decrease the level of theft, they will simultaneously help to increase productivity '“ which is a key issue in the UK.'

Since the petition has over 10,000 signatures, the government will respond to the petition, and if it hits the 100,000 mark it will also be considered for debate in Parliament.

To sign the petition visit petition.parliament.uk/petitions/231177