Feeling cold? Thank your lucky stars it's not 1895

While it's likely to get nippy again at the end of the week, there's not a snowball's chance in hell that this 1895 scene will be repeated at Langstone.

Langstone Mill, now a private house,was built during the 18th century and was unusual in having both a windmill and a watermill. The mill pond is fed by the Lymbourne stream which flows to the harbour from Havant. The former watermill is next to the footpath and you can still see (and hear) the water from the duck-filled pond which fed the mill.

Neither mill continued working into the 20th century, and in 1937 both buildings were bought by the artist Flora Twort and converted into a house. Her paintings can be seen at her dedicated gallery in Petersfield.

The Royal Oak, licensed since 1700, is made from three cottages which now form one of the most photographed pubs in Britain.
 Picture: costen.co.uk