Fight against plastic: School launches boomerang bag initativeÂ

BUSINESSES, a day care centre for the elderly and a school have joined forces to fight plastic pollution in their village.

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 10:13 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 11:22 am
Mandy Rowling from Lockswood day care centre, Sarisbury junior teacher Lynn Hart, headteacher Andrew Stockton, Janet Cooper from A&T Cooper, and Katherine Adams from Leon's Fruit and Veg with Children at the school Picture: Malcolm Wells (181121-7816)

Pupils at Sarisbury Junior School have been busy organising a Boomerang Bag initiative for shops in Locks Heath and means customers who have forgotten their reusable bags can borrow a boomerang bag and return it to the shop.

Teacher Lynn Hart said: '˜This idea was brought to our attention by one of our pupils Genevieve who did a homework project on it and we thought it would fit well with our environmental curriculum that we do as well as giving the children a chance to make a difference in their local community.'

Genevieve contacted Lockswood Day Care Centre to ask if they would like to be involved.

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The nine-year-old said: '˜It is important that we don't use plastic because it kills animals like turtles and I am really proud my project has started all of this.

Centre Manager Mandy Rowlings said: '˜Genevieve came along and did a lovely presentation about the initiative and it has been great for our clients to be involved and make the boomerangs and sew them onto the bags.

'˜They are from a generation that used paper bags or brought their own so for them they feel they are educating the next generation.'

The day care centre users and parents and pupils at the school have been busy creating the bags from donated fabrics and decorating them with boomerangs.

A&T Cooper is a fruit and vegetable shop in Park Gate that is one of several businesses taking part.

Owner Janet Cooper said: '˜I think this is a really important scheme to be involved with because so many people are used to going to shops and using the plastic bags that are there but it needs to change.

'˜The majority of our customers do bring their own bags but it is when you forget that the boomerang bag comes in useful because it stops plastic bags having to be used so I hope people do return them because the bags are so lovely.'

Katherine Adams from Leon's Fruit and Veg added: '˜We hardly use any plastic in the shop and this is a great way to continue that and I hope people donate fabric to the school so that the scheme may continue.'

Cork & Cheese and Cards and Keepsakes are other businesses who are involved.

Sarisbury Junior Headteacher Andrew Stockton added: '˜It is a fantastic project and a chance for the school to work with the community.'