Firefighters give out safety warning after shed fire ignites four gardens in Southsea

Steve Buchanan-Lee, Southsea Fire Station Commander
Steve Buchanan-Lee, Southsea Fire Station Commander
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FOUR gardens and two properties were engulfed in flames last night after a shed fire spread in Southsea.

Crews from Southsea and Cosham tackled the blaze in Reginald Road in breathing apparatus with two hose reels and one jet.

A spokesperson from Southsea Fire Station said: ‘We were called at 10.37pm to a small shed fire and originally sent two pumps.

‘When we arrived at we realised the fire was much worse than a shed fire and the flames had spread across four back gardens and two properties.

‘The gardens were completely alight and the fire was at the back of two of the properties.’

‘There is fire damage to both properties but more substantially to the one where the fire began as this entered the roof space and the loft.’

Firefighters say they believe the fire started from rags soaked in linseed oil being left in a plastic bag in the shed.

‘Due to the temperatures yesterday being left in the hot shed meant the rags combusted and so we want to spread the message that if people are using linseed oil to hang up the rag afterwards to prevent this from happening.’

No one was hurt.