Forgotten where you hid that Christmas present? Look here!

Linen cupboards, gym bags and even the neighbour's house are some of the places that UK's Christmas shoppers have hidden presents in at attempt to avoid Christmas being spoiled by prying eyes.

The survey, commissioned by Beaverbrooks the Jewellers, found nearly a quarter of UK adults admit to trying to find their presents before the big day.

However, despite the temptation to sneak a peek, 48 per cent believe a surprise gift from their partner makes for an extra special moment on Christmas Day.

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That doesn’t reassure present-buyers, who still go to great lengths to secret their purchases around the home.

The places gift-givers across the country are most likely to hide their surprise presents is the wardrobe (44 per cent), under the bed (14 per cent) and in the loft (12 per cent).

However, special (and smaller) items, such as jewellry will be tucked away in a locked suitcase by two of every ten hiders.

As for finding the perfect hiding place for a special present, three quarters of the UK took up to 30 minutes scouring the house for a suitable spot. In addition, 14.6 per cent of those questioned said they have used a lower value gift as a decoy to throw snoopers off the scent.

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Less likely, and therefore more secure locations to harbour a Christmas surprise included the zip pocket of your coat (4 per cent), a neighbour’s house (3.7 per cent) and in a gym bag (1.6 per cent).

As for strange hiding places, some respondents even discovered presents tucked away in the linen cupboard and the washing basket.

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