Havant council says barrier is unlikely at junction where drivers are dangerously turning right

DRIVERS are carrying out dangerous manoeuvres to avoid heavy traffic in a town centre, it has been claimed.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 16th March 2016, 6:06 am
The junction of West Street and Park Road North
The junction of West Street and Park Road North

John Lockwood says he was almost knocked over as he crossed West Street, at its junction with Park Road North, in Havant.

Park Road North and South are major pressure points in the town centre, with drivers sometimes having to wait at four sets of traffic lights until they reach either end of the roads.

Frustrated motorists heading south have been turning right at the junction – ignoring signs warning them not to do so.

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Mr Lockwood, from Havant, said: ‘My wife and I were crossing the road at the end of West Street, towards HSBC, when we were nearly knocked over by a car which had travelled down Park Road North and turned right across the traffic into West Street.

‘It was an illegal and dangerous manoeuvre.

‘As a regular pedestrian in Havant I have noticed drivers making this turn quite often, particularly if the pelican lights are red.

‘The road signs seem clear enough, but are being ignored. So can we not erect a physical barrier to prevent this turn?

‘It wouldn’t cost much and somebody will get knocked down soon’.

Councillor David Guest, who represents St Faith’s ward on Havant Borough Council, said he had never heard of there being a problem at the junction before.

He added: ‘If someone did make that turn, they are likely to fall foul of the police because it’s a moving traffic offence.

‘It’s not something the council can actually prevent without building a brick wall.

‘The majority of law-abiding motorists don’t do it.’

A spokesman for the traffic management team of Havant Borough Council said there were clear road signs and markings showing that a right turn was prohibited.

The spokesman said anyone witnessing a driver turning right should call the police on 101.