Flu causes ‘significant pressure’ at QA Hospital

Queen Alexandra Hospital
Queen Alexandra Hospital
Picture: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

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QUEEN Alexandra Hospital has warned that only those in a ‘serious or life-threatening’ condition should go to the A&E department, following a rise in flu.

The hospital says that the public should make serious consideration as to whether on not they should report to casualty.

John Knighton, medical director for Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, said: ‘Over the past 48 hours the emergency department at the Queen Alexandra Hospital has been under significant pressure.

‘We have seen a rise in the levels of flu on top of the usual seasonal pressures, which together with an increase in staff sickness created a very challenging situation.

‘Our staff responded extremely well to our request for additional help, to help keep our patients safe despite the pressures.

‘Today the situation is improving but we are continuing to work with our partners across the health system and have a plan in place to deal with any ongoing additional pressure we may face.

‘We would continue to urge the public to help us by only coming to A&E if your condition is serious or life-threatening.’

QA Hospital says that some operations have been cancelled, but that these were elective procedures rather than emergencies.