Kind-hearted poet pens pieces for Rocky Appeal

PENSIONER Bob Currie is selling his poetry to raise money for charity.

Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 6:06 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:37 pm
Bob Currie with his poems which are being sold to raise money Queen Alexandra Hospitals appeal

Mr Currie, from Portchester, has created the poems which are being sold for the Rocky Appeal, at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

The appeal is to buy a surgical robot, called the Da Vinci Robot, which can perform operations using very small incisions.

They need to raise £750,000 to keep the robot as it’s currently leased from an American firm

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The two poems, being sold in the charity shop at QA Hospital in Cosham, are about a fox and a snowman.

Mr Currie said: ‘I have been writing poems for many, many years and it is something I love doing.

‘I picked a fox and a snowman as they go with the two seasons of summer and winter.

‘People are very fond of them, especially the one about the fox.

‘I liked the snowman for winter because if you pick Father Christmas, it is only relevant for a couple of weeks, whereas a snowman represents the whole of winter.’

Mr Currie revealed an excerpt from the poem:

With carrot nose and black coal eyes, the snowman is a winter wonderland surprise.

‘With mouth created to bring forth a smile, plus a colourful scarf to add some style.

‘He stands cool and calm; a friendly sight, as children view him with love and delight.’

For £5, people can buy both poems in a single frame which have been donated by Tesco and Wilkos in Fareham.

‘I decided to include both poems so people can change them throughout the year,’ Mr Currie added.

‘My son helped me design them and they make a lovely gift.

‘It is a good way to raise money because unlike running marathons or doing other challenges, the people donating actually get something out of it too.

‘The Rocky Appeal gets money and they get a framed poem.’

To find out more and how to donate, call Mick Lyons on (023) 9228 6487 or email [email protected]