LETTER OF THE DAY: Council must learn a lesson from Carillion

A word of advice for Portsmouth City Council and the University of Portsmouth, both organisations being driven by the Conservative policies of '˜big is best' .

Wednesday, 17th January 2018, 12:57 am
Carillion is one of the major contractors of HS2

Thee collapse of Carillion, entering liquidation with immediate effect, a tragic situation that will have a massive impact on the whole country in numerous areas and ways, forming your contract services with one sole supplier, regardless if there is individual chains below, is an extremely dangerous and blinkered decision.

It is proven that single trade does not provide best value and definitely not best service as the shift of power falls to the supplier and it is also proven that such is the power growth of the supplier that challenge by the customer or client becomes futile.

Portsmouth was renowned for its community and local service supplies, the money generated from within and the money returned within.

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A feelgood factor with a real care of trade and service, dare I say it in the world of technology, but the ‘human touch’.

Large organisations have the distinct opportunity to develop and invest on the back of large and long-term contracts and it allows them to build a portfolio of finance that can baffle banks, accountants and their own suppliers.

Large organisations also have the ability to demonstrate, by means of marketing and colourful projector presentations, a level of service that is never ever achievable and, indeed, is totally reliant upon the good faith and honour of all the smaller traders who are now left in their wake.

The demise of Carillion will now impact even further on all those companies connected to them and trading with them, notwithstanding the customer/client base.

Portsmouth City Council has a duty to ensure that they are not guilty of this single-trade crusade that eventually leads to the sinking of a ship far greater than the Titanic.

Dean Kimber

North Shore, Hayling Island