LETTER OF THE DAY: Plastic waste? New laws are needed

I completely share the concern about the effect on our oceans and environment of plastic waste.

Sunday, 4th March 2018, 11:55 pm
Picture: Shutterstock

I am very careful about the amount of plastic I use, however, I feel many manufacturers could do so much more to reduce the number of products that are encased in plastic.

I give a few examples. A great many food products are in plastic bottles rather than glass e.g. salad dressing, olive oil, ketchup.

I tried to buy a packet of salt to pour into my plastic container. One can no longer buy a packet of salt. Some greetings cards are encased in plastic. Local councils recycle only a small percentage of our plastic waste.

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Plastic trays that fruit, salad and vegetables are sold in cannot be recycled.

Some small retailers sell loose fruit and veg and provide paper bags, why do supermarkets not also do this?

At present the only retailers who are addressing the problem are coffee bars.

The government must also impose laws to save our planet.

Betty Mears

Broadsands Drive, Gosport