I read with interest the article by Zella Compton (Like it or not, I think Uber service is first class, Sept 27) extolling the virtues of Uber taxis.

I was a private hire owner-driver for 17 years and during that time worked for Jays, Dixies, Warren, West Leigh and Budget cars in Leigh Park, Aqua Cars in Waterlooville and Summerfield Cars on Hayling Island.

Unless things have changed, only black cabs can be termed ‘taxis’ and can pick up and drop off from being hailed down.

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Private hire is just that and cars have to be ordered through an office.

We were ‘private hire’.

Zella states that she likes using Uber because they do not charge for time on a journey, just the distance.

This applies to all ‘private hire’ cars, not just Uber.

Black cabs, that is white plate cars with a taxi sign on the roof, usually charge for time on the meter and extra bags taken as luggage.

If stuck in traffic the bill goes up.

There is some controversy lately about drivers being employed by firms and not being allowed sick or holiday pay.

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In my case and those of other drivers with their own cars, I was not employed by the firms I drove for.

I employed them to find me work through their office.

I was self-employed and had to cover my own pension and car expenses.

Not all drivers have their own vehicles, so maybe there is a case to be looked into for them.

Michael C Boynes

Maydman Square