Love really was in the air for Steven's amazing proposal

MOST people just go down on one knee when they propose.

Thursday, 5th May 2016, 6:00 am
Steven Abbott proposes to Stephanie Cogan

But romantic Steven Abbott wanted to do something a little bit special.

So while his girlfriend Stephanie Cogan was in a glider as part of a birthday treat, he set out a huge banner with the words ‘Marry me Steff?’ for her to see as she came in to land.

The 29-year-old proposed to his girlfriend of four years as part of her birthday surprise at Daedalus airfield in Gosport.

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Stephanie and Steven

Steven, owner of Solent Masters Building and Landscaping in Gosport, said: ‘While she was up in the air I laid out the message and when she finally landed I was down on one knee.’

He said: ‘The glider trip was part of her birthday present and I’d managed to keep that a surprise as well.

‘She didn’t have a clue that I had planned to propose on her birthday.’

Stephanie, 24, was in the glider for 30 minutes and was left in shock while she made her descent from 3,000ft in the air.

Stephanie and Steven

She said: ‘There was so much going on when I was up there but when I saw it as I got closer to the ground I was in shock, and I still am now.’

Stephanie, a barmaid at The Five Alls in Gosport said: ‘The instructor was in on the surprise as well and had to point it out to me, but when I realised I did shed a few tears’.

Stephanie had a hunch that Steven may have been planning a proposal, but was still taken aback by the surprise.

She said: ‘I had an inclination that a proposal might be on the cards but not the way it happened.

‘It still hasn’t really sunk in just yet, but I’m sure it will soon’.

Steven had managed to keep the surprise under wraps from his now fiancee.

She added: ‘I was surprised enough to find out I was going on a glider which I was nervous enough about, but to then find out I was getting married as well..., what a birthday.’

She said: ‘The glider was an amazing birthday present on its own. I recommend anyone to give it a go.’

The couple, both from Gosport, have ideas for the wedding with plans already under way.

Stephanie said: ‘I’m very excited, I’ve already thought about a few things for the wedding and if all goes to plan we’ll get married in 2018.’