MP joins forces with campaign to help save hedgehogs at risk

The Whitby Wildlife Centre .Rescued Hedgehog Lisa . pic Richard Ponter 180726c
The Whitby Wildlife Centre .Rescued Hedgehog Lisa . pic Richard Ponter 180726c
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SUELLA Fernandes is calling on residents throughout the region to help save hedgehogs and reverse the decline that has been taking place.

According to statisticsfrom HogWatch, the number of hedgehogs living in the region has fallen by a third.

Fortunately there are a number of steps that can be taken to help improve the population of hedgehogs, which the Fareham MP is strongly advocating for people to get involved in.

People can get involved by signing up to the Hedgehog Street scheme, putting food and water out in the garden, creating a wild corner and stop using chemicals.

Ms Fernandes said: ‘Hedgehogs are extraordinary creatures and are synonymous with British wildlife.

‘We know hedgehogs are in trouble as we’ve lost a third of their population in just 10 years so naturally I, and many others, are concerned to ensure their future is bright.

‘The Hedgehog Street initiative highlights the simple changes that people can make that will support our hedgehogs to thrive.

‘I would urge Fareham residents to read the 10 point guide on how to support hedgehogs in our back gardens and communities.

For more information about Hedgehog Street, visit