Navy reveals naming of UK's new submarine fleet

A PORTSMOUTH-BASED defence group has welcomed the name Dreadnought being given to the Royal Navy's new successor submarines.

Named 56 years after the launch of Britain’s first nuclear-powered submarine of the same name, Dreadnought has historical significance, borne by nine Royal Navy ships.

The UK Defence Association’s chief executive Andy Smith said: ‘The UK National Defence Association welcomes the government’s commitment to the Trident successor programme and is delighted that the lead boat and class will be named Dreadnought.

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‘In addition to the other historical connections, from UKNDA’s point of view the adoption of the name Dreadnought is a reminder of the campaign waged by the Navy League – forerunner of the UKNDA – in the early 1900s, when HMS Dreadnought was the most powerful warship in the world and the slogan “We want eight and we won’t wait” led the then Liberal government to authorise the construction of more Dreadnought Class destroyers.’

A previous Dreadnought sailed with Sir Francis Drake to repel the Spanish Armada.

Another was present with Nelson at Trafalgar, where her gunnery was acknowledged to be the most devastating of any ship present.

But the most famous of all was the ninth Dreadnought – a battleship so advanced that it rendered all others obsolete.

And it was 99 years ago this December, that the United States Navy sent four of its own dreadnoughts to join the Royal Navy’s Grand Fleet in Scapa Flow.