One man dominates our thoughts - Jesus

I'M the sort of person who always likes the change of the seasons, especially this time of year when the winter months turn into early spring and the world journeys into a time of new life and warmer and longer days.

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Friday, 7th April 2017, 6:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:55 pm
The Walk of Witness in Southsea, 2016
The Walk of Witness in Southsea, 2016

Journeys can be made to enjoy all of this, to destinations near and far, places new and old.

For Christians, the journey made by one man dominates our thoughts as we think of what happened in the final weeks and days of the earthly life of God’s son, Jesus.

Many local school children have been visiting our church of St James in Milton to think about the events of that final journey that Jesus made.

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They’ve explored the price that he paid as he died on the cross, and then the wonder as the joy of his resurrection unfolded on Easter Day.

We learnt together that Easter was not possible without the price of Good Friday, how the wood of the manger that cradled and protected him at his birth was echoed in the wood that hung him high to die.

That’s why people of all ages from all the many churches of the Milton, Eastney and Southsea area will be gathering at 10am on Good Friday at South Parade Pier to take part in a Walk of Witness.

We’ll carry a wooden cross, listen to the story of what happened to Jesus on that fateful day, sing songs and walk to Palmerston Road. We’ll arrive there at around 11am.

It’s called a Walk of Witness because we are wanting others to witness, see, and join in with that walk of faith.

It also reflects the walk each of us Christians makes with Jesus, as we give thanks for the sacrifice he made in giving his life.

We also remember the price that God paid in allowing his Son to die, that ultimate gift of love for each one of us.

We invite you to join us, to ask us about what and why we are doing it, to grasp a hint of what actually happened on that journey over 2,000 years ago now.

A journey that changed the world for ever.

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