13 pictures of bizarre discoveries at the Royal Hospital Haslar in Gosport by The Bearded Explorer

The Royal Hospital Haslar operated for 256 years and was the last military hospital in the country when it shut down in 2009.

Colin Smith, known on social media as The Bearded Explorer, became a TikTok viral sensation overnight.

He gave up his job as a heating engineer and now spends his time visiting derelict old buildings for his YouTube and other social media channels after amassing nearly 200,000 followers.

Although most of the site has now been redeveloped, Colin took a visit to the main Haslar hospital building which remains untouched. He found some “crazy” things in the “creepy” hospital ranging from equipment such as MRI scanners and X-Ray machines – some of which was still being powered.

Other bizarre discoveries included patient records, medication and even someone’s liver in a box full of liquid.

The Bearded Explorer: www.thebeardedexplorer.co.uk/

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