Awards '˜have all sorts of benefits' says past winner

A MANAGING director who has won 22 awards from The News for his business says that the external recognition is great for business growth.

Sunday, 9th September 2018, 4:50 pm
Updated Sunday, 9th September 2018, 5:02 pm
Dynamite Recruitment celebrates its move to 1000 Lakeside and its seventh anniversary. Picture: Habibur Rahman

Matt Fox, managing director of Dynamite Recruitment, has scooped up numerous prizes from The News' Business Excellence awards over the years '“ which he says provides a huge boost to both staff morale and business credibility.

Mr Fox, who lives in Denmead, said: '˜Ever since we started the business seven years ago, we have had a lot of support.

'˜We have won lots of different awards, such as Team of the Year and the 2014 Business of the Year award, and each time it is a great feeling.

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'˜Everybody, working in any business, loves to have the recognition, but it's also great for morale within the company.

'˜You can tell your staff that they all work for a great business but for that to actually be independently recognised is amazing, and can have all sorts of benefits.

'˜For example, after winning awards we tend to pick up more clients as a result.'

Mr Fox says that there is no particular secret to winning awards '“ just to make sure everyone at your company is enthusiastic about what they do.

He said: '˜I don't know if there is a secret but I don't think you could find a bunch of people as passionate as ours.

'˜Passion is the most important thing and if you can recruit people who match your values, the rest will all fall into place.'

Dynamite Recruitment also recently moved into its new home at 1,000 Lakeside, North Harbour '“ which Mr Fox believes is a big step up for the firm.

He explained: 'Since we started we have grown quite a lot and moving into Lakeside has given us a springboard to accelerate that growth.'