The bizarre reasons tourists were disappointed by 16 Portsmouth attractions

PORTSMOUTH is a city that is packed full of attractions to entertain tourists and locals alike.

Friday, 19th July 2019, 1:08 pm
Disappointed tourist

But sadly you can’t please everyone as a light-hearted look through some of the most bizarre reviews on TripAdvisor for the city’s top museums and parks. Not quite sure that saying Old Portsmouth ‘doesn’t exist’ is a valid review… 

A user on TripAdvisor gave Spinnaker Tower one star, writing: 'Son got bored.'
Giving it two stars, a TripAdvisor user wrote: 'A military white elephant is not my thing at all. Just didn't find it interesting and was only there as part of a group tour.'

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One user on TripAdvisor gave the museum one star, writing: 'I wanted more than tapestries and shoddy photo's, only a couple of vehicles, both American no British stuff.'
It may be Portsmouth's very own shopping mecca but this tourist was not happy. Writing on TripAdvisor they said: 'This place seems to be aimed at the younger generation, but us oldies have money to spend as well.'
According to a disappointed tourist on TripAdvisor, this historic part of the city 'doesn't exist'.
One TripAdvisor user was left disappointed on a trip to the beach, they wrote: 'Its stones. I suppose it is classed as a beach But not one to make sand castles on or to sit on. Also you won't be able to see if there is any dogs mess.'
One person wrote: 'Piglets are very cute. I asked where all the pigs were that had matured? I was told by an uncomfortable member of staff that the baby piglets are sent to other farms and slaughtered.'
A disappointed tourist said: 'This might be the worst Museum that I have ever been into. Children run around unattended, shrieking and doing what they like . '
A tourist wrote: 'Fish tanks are small the sharks are only about 2 feet long. Everything is cramped together.'
One tourist writing on TripAdvisor was disappointed at the lake of canoes. They wrote: 'No canoes anywhere to be seen! Very misleading. My little girl was in tears.'
A tourist wrote: 'Empty castle. Really disappointed visit, walked in and walked straight out.'
One reviewer wrote: 'The theatre is dirty, I mean disgustingly so. Everything you touch is filthy, the floor is sticky with grime, like an old pub floor. I wore pale jeans and regretted it.'
One disappointed visitor wrote: 'The most sticky floor I have ever experienced. Grubby and sad. But I needed a coffee. Understaffed and dirty tables.'
This disappointed tourist was probably expecting a different kind of park, they wrote: 'Worst park ever. Had to pay to go in and not even a slide or swing in sight.'
One person wrote: 'A group of 8 of us visited Port Solent hoping to enjoy a marina walk. There's no nice walk.'
One person was very disappointed by the cathedral and wrote: 'Im so disappointed. The highlight were the doors into the Cathedral.'