Bright Young Things 2022: See how a fundraiser and Youth MPs are making a difference across the Portsmouth area

To start the new year, today we highlight 22 young people – all aged under 22 – who will be making waves this year and in future years. All hail our Bright Young Things of 2022...

By Sophie Murray
Monday, 3rd January 2022, 11:38 am
Updated Monday, 3rd January 2022, 12:37 pm
1. Joseph Tillotson, 14

Joseph Tillotson Age: 14Fundraiser Joseph has completed fundraisers for the Rainbow Centre in Fareham, the Macmillan Cancer Trust and this year raised £700 for the Andrew Simpson Watersports Foundation alongside his friend Alex. He is currently completing the Duke of Edinburgh Award which also involves fundraising. Although he doesn’t know what he’ll do yet, he knows it’ll be fun and will try to get some of his friends involved too. Joseph would also love to abseil down the Spinnaker Tower for charity as soon as he is old enough. Harvie ClementsAge: 13

Member of Youth Parliament for Gosport

Harvie was inspired to run for the Hampshire south-east seat after struggling to get a diagnosis for his ADHD. He says access to youth mental health services is a common problem among his friends, meaning youngsters can struggle to get the extra support they feel they need. He has now enlisted the support of Gosport MP Caroline Dineage who has agreed to help make youth mental health a government priority.

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2. Harvie Clements, 13

Harrison Cobb Age: 14Member of Youth Parliament for Gosport Harrison will be campaigning for early career support intervention and greater student input in the subject curriculum. He said that young people are not given enough choice or flexibility within the curriculum, and seeing as students have to enjoy their lessons it makes sense that they would be able to pick the subjects they are most passionate about. He also said that young people need to have more career advice earlier on in their education journey.

Destiny Rose-Forde Kennedy Age: 17

Member of Youth Parliament for Portsmouth

Alongside studying for her A-levels and interviewing for Oxford University, Destiny has led the MYP team representing Portsmouth’s youth by attending conferences in London, and has set up working groups for young people in the city to facilitate youth-led positive change. She attended the Annual Inclusion Conference and the Portsmouth Climate Festival Launch where she was also a panelist. Destiny has given speeches at protests and school strikes and delivered workshops at schools in the community.

3. Harrison Cobb, 14

Ella Reilly Age: 18Deputy Member of Youth Parliament for Portsmouth

Ella supports Destiny in her role with work including leading workshop groups with young people to hear their voices on vital issues affecting them and their city. She has also been a changemaker for the city for many years through her work in The Council of Portsmouth Students, as a Board Member for Portsmouth Music Hub and with her passion for representing student voice.

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4. Destiny Rose-Forde Kennedy, 17
5. Ella Reilly, 18