Children risking lives by jumping in front of Hayling Ferry

Hayling Ferry skipper, Colin Hill.
Hayling Ferry skipper, Colin Hill.
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POLICE have issued a warning to youngsters about the dangers of jumping into the sea where there is marine traffic.

The warning comes after Hayling Ferry skipper, Colin Hill, contacted police on Saturday after several near misses with children who had been jumping into the water from the pontoon at Eastney where the ferry departs.

Children have been jumping off the pontoon into the path of the The Hayling Ferry.

Children have been jumping off the pontoon into the path of the The Hayling Ferry.

Colin said: ‘These kids are only a matter of feet away from being run over by the boat or being entangled in the propeller. We have already had an incident where one child was nearly crushed between the ferry and the pontoon.’

Mr Hill said that whenever the weather is warm, children are ignoring the signs prohibiting swimming in the area.

‘It’s only a matter of time before there is a serious accident,’ commented Mr Hill.

 A spokesperson for Hampshire Police added: ‘We would warn anyone that they should only swim in designated areas. In areas where boats, both leisure and commercial, are operating, you are at serious risk of being in collision with a vessel who may not even see you in the water.’

The police also confirmed that officers had been sent to the harbour after reports of children throwing pebbles at the ferry.

Mr Hill said: ‘An older gentleman and a young couple were nearly hit.’

As previously reported in The News this incident follows on from previous issues with missiles being hurled at the ferry.​​​​​​​