Devoted Royalist who has met Queen to wear full regalia for D-Day showpiece event

A DEVOTED Royalist will show his patriotism for the country when he dons full regalia next month for the D-Day celebrations.

By steve.deeks1
Saturday, 18th May 2019, 7:00 am
Devout Royalist, David Weeks from Petersfield. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (160519-1)

Pensioner David Weeks is prepared to make his mark at the auspicious occasion that will see Royals, leading politicians and even the American president Donald Trump descend on Portsmouth for the June 5 event.

The 78-year-old will be unmissable as he wears his specially crafted red and gold handmade costume with Union Jacks emblazoned across it. He will also wear a blue, white and red hat for the occasion.

The outfit, which took weeks to make, will be a fitting tribute for the occasion as the service personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Second World War are remembered.

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David, of Petersfield, said: ‘I’ve been a Royal enthusiast my whole life and am someone who goes to all their events in London. I’m a showman, I like to meet and talk to people about the Royals.

‘I’ve been to all the weddings in the last few years which were incredible experiences. I’ve also been to the Queen’s silver, golden and diamond jubilees.

‘The D-Day event will be very special occasion so I will be wearing my full outfit which includes the jacket and hat. It was made by a trapeze artist friend and took weeks to make, as well as costing hundreds of pounds.’

David’s devotion to Queen and country has been noted before – with the Queen speaking to him in Windsor during celebrations to make her 90th birthday in 2016.

Speaking of the incredible experience, he said: ‘It was fantastic to speak to the Queen. She saw me wearing my costume and came over to me and said she liked what I was wearing. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to speak to her again at the D-Day event.’

The staunch Royalist, who has seven different costumes for various occasions, said he believes the day will be a special occasion – even with US president Donald Trump attending.

He added: ‘I hope the day will be a friendly, respectful occasion that pays tribute to those who gave their lives and is not overshadowed by those who do not want Donald Trump there.’

David’s exuberance has even seen him appear on national television adverts for McDonald’s and British Rail 25 years ago – where he was an employee for 47 years.

‘It was great to do the adverts,’ he said. ‘For the McDonald’s advert I said “don't put your carpet up, go to McDonald’s”. For the train advert I did the talk over and said “a train arrives in central London every 11 seconds”.’