Exterminate! Doctor Who replica Dalek sold for £1,500

A DALEK that has roamed the streets of Portsmouth for years has made the transition across the harbour.

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 9:52 am
Grahame March from The Refill Centre with Dalek Ray

Dalek Ray, as he was affectionately known as, was owned by replica puppet maker Duncan Willis, from Whiteley.

The 60-year-old had not only built Dalek Ray, but taken him to a number of charity events across Portsmouth.

But as Duncan looked to downsize his home and move further afield, he was forced to part ways with his alien friend.

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Now though, Dalek Ray is safe and sound in his newfound home – at The Refill Centre in Stoke Road, Gosport.

Duncan said: ‘I bought Dalek Ray back in 2010, and it took me 14 weeks to build.

‘I got his name after one of the people who originally designed the daleks – I have watched Dr Who all my life and was hooked on the daleks as soon as I saw them.

‘Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to take him to loads of different charity events across Portsmouth and the surrounding area, like the Mad Hatter’s Party in Cosham.

‘Owning Dalek Ray and taking him round to all these events has been great fun.’

But as Duncan downsizes and moves to Wales, he had no choice but to find a new home for the Dr Who villain.

He said: ‘From where I’m downsizing it was literally a choice between me and the dalek.

‘It is a real shame to get rid of it, but I am very pleased to know that is has gone to a good home.

‘I am so pleased to know that the dalek will be put to good use – Grahame told me that Dalek Ray will still be attending a lot of charity events, which I am very happy about.

‘To know that one of the scariest villains of all-time is doing good work puts a smile on my face.’

Grahame March from The Refill Centre said: ‘I saw the advert for it come up and thought it would look great here in the shop.

‘It has certainly attracted quite a bit of attention – a lot of people seem to be surprised to see a dalek on the shop floor.

‘Some people have even made trips just to see the dalek. I am glad I have it here.’

Grahame says that the dalek fits the theme of his shop perfectly, and is a welcome addition to shop security after a man smashed his shop window in February this year.

He said: ‘I’m not a huge fan of the show myself, but it fits right in with the geeky nature of the shop

It’s definitely nice to have the shop’s security beefed up a little bit as well.’