Family offered £50 after toilet collapse nightmare

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A FAMILY has been left ‘outraged’ after a housing management company offered them £50 compensation for ‘seven weeks of hell’.

Wayne Sweeney from Havant rang Guinness Partnership reporting a leak like ‘a waterfall’ had streamed down the walls of his 
living room and hallway but after survey it was deemed safe.

Wayne Sweeney with his wife Stacey Sweeney''Picture: Habibur Rahman

Wayne Sweeney with his wife Stacey Sweeney''Picture: Habibur Rahman

He said: ‘I’m still concerned for the safety of my family as they assured me my ceiling was safe and two weeks later the ceiling collapsed and 
our toilet fell through the floor.

‘It was only by the grace of God my wife who is 36 weeks pregnant or my eight-year-old son with cerebral palsy were not sitting on it at the time.’

Wayne reported the incident to the Guinness Partnership and waited for a contractor.

He said: ‘They finally sent someone round who said he was a windows and doors man and had no idea what he was looking for.’

‘We have had this going on for seven weeks with them not coming round and not answering our calls.

‘My wife, Stacey and son, Cohen have had their summer holiday ruined because they have had to wait in for these people to come round.’

When the young family had a contractor round to fix their bathroom, Wayne explained: ‘The plumber said the chipboard that had been used was not waterproof.

‘They also said the extractor fan had been installed the wrong way, the pump was incorrect and the shower tiles had not been grouted.

‘Basically everything that could be wrong, was.’

Wayne spoke to the Guinness Partnership and he said: ‘They offered me £50 in compensation.

‘That is all they thought my family was worth.

‘My wife had to go to the hospital due to the stress these people have put us through.’

A spokeswoman for The Guinness Partnership said, ‘We’re really sorry that Mr Sweeney has had problems in his home.

‘We’ve now almost completed the repairs and we will be meeting with him next week to check that he is happy with the work and to discuss any further issues.’