George Michael tribute act from Gosport is reunited with his birth family after 50 years

A SINGER known as one of the best George Michael tribute acts in the world has met his family for the first time, after half a century.

Saturday, 2nd November 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Saturday, 2nd November 2019, 7:19 am
Andrew Browning performing as George Michael. Picture: KBA

Andrew Browning, from Gosport, was adopted six weeks after his parents got divorced in the late 1960s, as his mother moved to America.

When his adopted parents died, Andrew, now 53, started tracking down his blood relatives.

Now, thanks to some Faith and persistence, he has been reunited with his brothers and sisters after finding out they lived 20 miles away from one of his tour destinations.

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Andrew said: ‘After losing my beloved adopted mother at age 84, I decided it was the right time to find my blood parents and family.

‘The search came to a happy conclusion for me after my birth certificate information led to a Facebook profile, which lead me to my birth-brother Richard.

‘He told me I have three other brothers and two sisters, although sadly my birth mother died in 2010 and my dad before then.

‘Even so my siblings were really excited – it was as if my family grew overnight.’

From left, Andrew Browning with brothers Richard and Fred. Picture: KBA

Previously, Andrew only had one sister, but now has a big family of brothers, sisters, cousins, plus nieces and nephews.

But the search had also been on from his American family’s side, who were also looking for their younger brother.

Coincidentally, the first stop of Andrew’s Fastlove USA tour took him to Folsom, California – just 20 miles from his siblings in Sacremento.

Everything built up to a delightful family reunion outside, after his siblings bought tickets to his show.

Andrew Browning with his adoptive family. Picture: KBA

‘All my family came to see me and the show, it was amazing,’ he said.

When they first spoke over Skype, Andrew's brother Fred told him: ‘I remember holding you in my arms when you were a week old asking my mum when I was seven why these people were coming to take you away.

‘Years later mum told me the whole story and it was sad, real sad to be honest with you.

‘Mum's last words to me before she died were 'never stop looking for Andrew', she never wanted to give you up.’